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Fidel Nadal Live – Fiesta Seedless 2017 Costa Rica

21 September 2017

Fidel Nadal en la fiesta de aniversario de la tienda Seedless en Club Peppers San Jose Costa Rica 2017

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Ras Muhamad Live from Costa Rica !!

27 August 2017

Performing live the reggae star from Indonesia Ras Muhamad in Club Vertigo, Costa Rica. Opening the show for Sara Lugo during their 2017 Latin America Tour.

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General Degree live entertaining performance !!

19 May 2017

General Degree live in Costa Rica from Ohana Club Tibas performing all his hits including: Traffic Blocking . Very entertaining and full of good music for any dancehall reggae lover.

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Ragga By Roots The Reunion !! Hard Rock Cafe, Costa Rica

11 May 2017

Ragga By Roots The Reunion – Exclusive Interview  @ Hard Rock Cafe & La Cueva Del Oso

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Irie Mae Live !!- A night in San Jose #2

6 May 2017

Irie Mae en vivo con Queens of Reggae – Una noche en San Jose #2 @ Roots Cool and Calm

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BDM Costa Rica Gold – Perez Zeledon 2017

10 April 2017

Clasificatoria BDM Gold Perez Zeledon 2017 – Incluye Final MC Cristian vs MC Ares

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Mekatelyu Live – A night out in San Jose !!

30 March 2017

Mekatelyu @ Amon Solar & Roots Cool & Calm – exclusive interview.

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Queens of Reggae LIVE – Transitarte 2017 Costa Rica

19 March 2017

Transitarte 2017 Costa Rica,  En Vivo Queens of Reggae performes cover No Doubt in Reggae.

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Ky-mani Marley – Performs Concrete Jungle LIVE !!

15 March 2017

Ky-mani Marley the son of the Legend Robert Nesta Marley (Bob) performing the reggae classic Concrete Jungle live from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Part of the Concerts for earth / Funk in The Jungle foundation to raise money and awareness to the Talamanca region of Costa Rica.

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Verde, Amarillo, y Rojo – Gondwana Live !!

10 March 2017

The Latin Reggae Band Gondwana from Chile performs live one of their hits ” Verde Amarillo y Rojo ” (Green, Yellow & Red) referring to the colors of the tribe of Judah.   Peppers Club, San Jose, Costa Rica

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