20 July 2017

Top Ten International Artists you should know

Hip-hop may have its origins in the Boogie Down Bronx but the genre has spread thousands of miles across the globe since its humble beginnings in the late ’70s. Whether it’s our neighbors in Canada, across the pond in the U.K. or within the K-pop frenzy in South Korea, the hard-hitting lyrics and head-bopping beats are guaranteed to be found. It’s only logical since music has always been a universal language and hip-hop proves to be one of the greatest examples of that fact.
From issues like poverty, violence and depression, hip-hop has been a vehicle to showcase the problems in neighborhoods — many that you’d never have the chance to step foot in — around the world. But there’s also the positive side in which artists build a career for themselves by flexing their lyrical skills. Some have the innate human impulse to boast about their cars, girls and jewelry while others just want to invite you into their life for a day through their poetic license.
Hip-hop is a feeling that is understood on every continent. Even if listeners can’t understand the words — Young Thug has taught us that sometimes that just doesn’t matter — no worries; if it jams, bangs or clicks with the soul, that’s all that’s needed. From Ontario to Nigeria, here are 10 International Rappers You Should Know.

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