Team Members

Papa Mingo

I’m Domingo Teixeira, most know me as Mingo, & now Papa Mingo. I was born and raised in Boston, MA from the projects to the Dorchester streets. After a rough love/hate relationship with school, I finally graduated from Brighton High School. Growing up, basketball & music was an outlet for me, just like many of […]

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Ahau Kurimeo

Once FFTG and 3rd Vision productions had been revived we needed to integrate those brands into the Costa Rican Market. Due to the difference in culture, geography, environment,  people & many other factors. A different identity  had to be created that indentified with Costa Rica and its people under 3rd Vision productions.  This was PURE […]

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Ms Marcy

  Ms. MARCY is a administrative assistant to a neurosurgeon by day, and a radio personality by night on Hear me out radio. She attended Regis College and also UMASS Boston, she entered the medical field well over ten years ago falling in love with helping others get the help and resources they need. As […]

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